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Taking Care of Sheepskin

Is used to produce sheepskin leather products and soft, wool-lined clothing or coverings, including gloves, hats, automotive seat covers, baby and invalid rugs and pelts. A by- product of the wool and meat industries, much of the world’s premium sheepskins come from New Zealand and Australia.

The Fleece
Of sheepskin has excellent insulating properties and it is also resistant to flame and static electricity. The wool is considered by the medical profession as hypoallergenic. Sheepskin wool is soft and resilient. Its fibers breathe, acting like a natural thermostat for your body. The hollow fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Air flows freely between your body and the sheepskin providing the utmost in comfort. The natural lanolin found in sheepskin provides a luxuriously soft feel against your skin and greatly improves the quality of life for those confined to one position for long periods of time. Enhancing the comfort level for everyday sleeping, sitting, commuting or just relaxing, sheepskin is pure and simple, the natural choice.

Australian Merino Sheep
-the highest quality sheepskin available.

Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter
Comfortable all the time, ounce for ounce, sheepskin is stronger than steel. With minimal care your sheepskin items will last for years. Impossible to copy synthetically, sheepskin and its wool fibers offer an astounding list of natural qualities.

Sheepskin Rug Care Instructions
Although wool is a springy fiber, after long use it may tend to mat down a bit. To restore the pile to its original state, brush it up with a coarse brush. Wire slicker brushes work best and do not harm the fleece. Or shake out the skins and vacuum with attachment only.

Wool fleece is a natural fiber and resists soiling, thus simplifying cleaning. In most cases spot cleaning with warm water is all that is needed. SHEEPSKIN SHAMPOO is recommended for stubborn stains. Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle in cool water. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently spin to remove excess water. Dry naturally without direct heat or sun. Stretch the skin during drying to help prevent shrinkage.

*NOTE: skin shrinkage of 8% to 10% may occur and is normal. The leather side may become stiff after washing so massage the leather side to soften the skin again, and then brush up the fleece with coarse brush to restore wool pile.

Long Wool Black or Dark Colored Pelts, Items Trimmed or Lined
We DO NOT recommend machine washing pelts that have lined backs, dark colored pelts or items with black trim, as color bleeding may occur. Sheepskin is dry-cleanable (A) (40) with either white spirits or perchlorethylene.
(Please note that we cannot guarantee washing or cleaning results with any sheepskin product, since many factors beyond our control may affect the outcome of cleaning).

Sheepskin Slipper Care
Proper care will significantly prolong your foot ware investment. Clean the leather with a damp soft cloth. When dry, buff lightly with a clean brass or nylon bristle brush or nubuck brush to restore the nap of the leather fibers. Use cleaning eraser or suede stone for scuff marks or dirt. WATER REPELLANT & STAIN GUARD is recommended so dirt will have a lesser chance of sticking to treated areas.

For the Fleece
Test an area first for colorfastness by diluting a dime-size amount of SHEEPSKIN SHAMPOO with water and hand washing a small section of the item. With lukewarm water add shampoo according to directions on label. Scrub slippers gently using hands, a soft cloth, or soft brush. Rinse and then dab out excess water with a towel. Dry naturally away from heat and sunlight. (Do not put in dryer) when dry, brush the fur with a wire brush to restore softness.

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